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Project - United Airlines; Chelsea Catering Remodel


Gilmore Construction



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In 2017 JKS was contracted by Gilmore Construction to remove 25,000 SqFt of ceramic floor tile in phase I of the United Airlines Chelsea Catering building remodel. After some of the tiles were removed, it was found that there was mold contamination within the work area of phase I. JKS was asked to provide mold remediation services on a time and materials basis. JKS continues to provide and mold remediation services as needed in the Chelsea Catering building during the remodeling process and will remove an additional 75,000 SqFt of ceramic floor tile in accordance with the demolition phasing plan. In order to perform the project, each staff member is required to go through and pass the DEN badging process and stay current in the DEN badging system.

Denver International Airport

Client: Gilmore Construction

Scope Description: Floor Tile Removal and Mold Remediation

Current Contract Amount: $140,000.00


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