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Asbestos Remediation and Abatement

Committed to taking every protective measure

It is Illegal to improperly disturb asbestos containing materials. Before you start any renovation or demolition project you must consult a state certified asbestos inspector. JKS Industries can help you accomplish this task.

A DANGEROUS CARCINOGEN: According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, “Asbestos is fibrous material that can be found in these and other common building materials: Ceiling and wall textures, vinyl floor coverings and mastic, boiler and pipe insulation, heating and cooling duct insulation, ceiling tiles, roofing products, commercial and residential siding, etc. Buildings of any age may contain asbestos; even those newly built.”

Asbestos containing materials must be removed by a certified removal contractor like JKS Industries. JKS employs EPA accredited, certified, state licensed, and insured technicians and superintendents that strictly adhere to all local, state, and federal requirements. All projects performed by JKS are safely completed within compliance and without delays or complications.

We are committed to taking every protective measure and every safety precaution to provide a safe environment.

Call us to evaluate your private or commercial space for exposed or volatile asbestos.

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