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Project - Ricardo Flores Magon Academy


Ricardo Flores Magon Academy



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JKS enjoys working with Denver schools on their renovation projects. It's rewarding to work with such dedicated members of our community to protect the safety and well-being of local students.
- JKS Industries
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In 2017, JKS was contracted by Ricardo Flores Magon Academy (RFMA) to complete asbestos abatement and mold remediation services in various locations throughout the school. These services included set-up of critical and isolation barriers, removal of mold-contaminated carpet and secondary containments for the removal of asbestos floor tiles and mastic. Additionally, JKS purchased and installed negative air machines for RFMA to reduce moisture in the basement of the school and mitigate any mold growth in the future. While the work was being completed, more areas were found that contained asbestos-containing materials and mold contamination and JKS was asked to extend our remediation activities to additional areas. We were able to complete the original scope of work and the additional activities within the schedule set by the school and before students returned from summer vacation.

5301 Lowell Blvd,
Denver, CO 80221

Client: Ricardo Flores Magon Academy

Scope Description: Mold Remediation & Asbestos Abatement

Contract Amount: $158,460.00

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