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Project - Manuel High School


Denver Public Schools



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JKS was contracted by Denver Public Schools to perform asbestos abatement in three phases in 2015 and 2016. In the summer of 2015, JKS provided abatement of pipe insulation and fiberglass insulation related to hot water lines in the boiler room; abatement of pipe insulation in mechanical room 016E as well as the cafeteria and multiple classrooms; and removal of transite chalkboards in several rooms throughout the school. In 2016, phase 2 of the project was initiated and completed over spring break with set-up and tear-down occurring while the building was occupied. JKS provided abatement of floor tile and mastic, removal of boiler refractory bricks and insulation, removal of boiler flue and fiberglass insulation, and abatement of TSI material. Finally, phase 3 was completed in the summer of 2016. JKS completed as-needed TSI abatement on a not-to-exceed time and materials basis. JKS completed the work within the budget and schedule set by Denver Public Schools.

1700 E 28th Ave,
Denver, CO 80205

Client: Denver Public Schools

Scope Description: Asbestos Abatement

Contract Amount: $151,186.00 over multiple phases

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