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Project - RTD – Regional Transportation District North Metro Rail Line


Regional Rail Partners (RRP)



Project Highlight
Being a part of the Light Rail project helps us feel connected to our booming communities. It is exciting for JKS to be a part of our city's urban development.
- JKS Industries
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In 2016, JKS Industries was contracted by the RRP to perform abatement services and demolish the existing Reddy Ice facility which was acquired by the Regional Transportation District (RTD) to build the North Metro Rail Line in a series of projects aimed to improve public transportation options in the Denver Metro Area. We performed asbestos abatement and lead-based paint abatement; regulated building material (RBM) removal and disposal; and structural demolition. JKS also performed the waste disposal, which included material segregation of recyclable materials for landfill diversion, meeting the goals set by RRP and RTD. This project was finished within the given schedule and budget.

2101 31st St.
Denver, CO 80216

Client: Regional Rail Partners (RRP)

Scope Description: Abatement and Demolition

Contract Amount: $1,051,000.00

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