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Project - Bromley East Charter School


Bromley East Charter School



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In 2016 JKS was originally contracted by Bromley East Charter School to complete mold remediation in various locations throughout the school discovered during construction during the remodel of the school. These services include set-up of critical and isolation barriers, removal of mold contaminated drywall systems, clean-up of remaining mold, and treatment of all surfaces with an inhibitor sealer to prevent new mold growth.  While the work was being completed, more mold was found throughout the building and JKS was asked to extend our remediation activities to additional areas. While the additional areas did extend the original schedule, we were still able to complete the work within the time-frame given by the school in order to avoid work being done while classes were in session.

356 Longspur Dr,

Brighton, CO 80601

Client: Bromley East Charter School

Scope Description: Mold Remediation

Contract Amount: $234,781.91

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