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Meet Ruben

1. What did you do before joining the JKS team?
I was a site supervisor for Hudspeth & Associates, Inc. During which, I was a site safety officer for two main projects on the Western Slope – the Fruita Refinery project and Cameo an Xcel Energy Power Plant project. I was also their main contact for the Raytheon Antarctic Polar Program.

2. How do you interact with JKS Industries customers?
Customers are our number one priority. Introduction to JKS and our core priorities is up to me. My approach is to make sure there is a well-known scope of the work. I keep the client informed of work practices and procedures step by step. I keep our clients happy by being available to them and answering their questions as quickly as possible.

3. How does JKS provide great customer service?
Here at JKS we pride ourselves in working hand in hand with our clients to provide top quality work performance with leading industry solutions and the highest safety standards. We are committed to providing a work safe environment for our team, the client, and the community.

4. What are three of your favorite things to do when not at work?
I love to spend a lot of time with my family – as much as possible. We enjoy going to the mountains to do some fishing, hiking, and jeeping. I also like to read books, listen to music, and watch movies.


Mr. Domingo has over sixteen years of experience supervising large and small asbestos projects.? Mr. Domingo oversees the safety and productivity of asbestos and other hazardous material removal on each project.? This includes the remediation of asbestos, mold lead and decontamination of radiation, beryllium, He conducts safety meetings with his crews daily, documents all daily logs, sign-in and sign-out sheets and all workers hours.? Mr. Domingo works with the PM to understand all technical specifications and drawings to develop an efficient strategy to execute the project.? In addition, he communicates those strategies to the laborers working on the site.? This flow of communication allows JKS Industries to complete each project on time, within budget and without any safety violations or NOV?s.


Mr. Domingo served as one of the Project Supervisors for the Asbestos Abatement and Demolition at the Fruita Refinery. He oversaw the abatement of approximately 300 cubic yards of ACS, 4,500 linear feet of asbestos pipe, 3,300 pipe and vessel gaskets, 8,500 linear feet of pipe and vessel insulation, 15 cubic yards of tar impregnated roofing materials, and vessels, in addition to the removal of approximately 11,000 linear feet of pipe, the demolition of three buildings and removal of three large vessels at the Fruita Refinery. He was responsible for managing and coordinating five out of ten crews on site. This included subcontractors, vendor deliveries and heavy equipment deliveries. Mr. Domingo conducted daily tailgate safety meetings in which the ?yellow card? was implemented. This project was completed without any loss-time accidents, NOVs or OSHA violations. Mr. Domingo?s coordination efforts assisted in the early completion of this project.

OTHER NOTABLE PROJECTS: USAFA Vandenberg Hall, United States Army Fort Carson Army Base, United States Air Force F.E Warren Missile Storage Base, Boulder Valley School District, Denver Public Schools, CDOT Asbestos on Call Services, Federal Center, IBM, Conoco Phillips, Stapleton, St Varian School District, Jefferson County School District, Rocky Flats DOE, MC Murdo Base Antarctica, USAP, Manor Vail, Vail, CO, Libby Montana ?Superfund? EPA, USAFA ?CCLD? Renovation, Suncor Refinary.


Job Title: Superintendent
Business phone: 303-238-0207

  • 40-Hour AHERA Supervisor Course
  • 8-Hour AHERA Supervisor Refresher
  • 40-Hour HAZWOPER
  • 8-Hour HAZMAT
  • 30-OSHA Construction Safety and Health
  • RAD Tech II
  • Hazardous Waste Operations Course
  • Worker Level 2 Beryllium
  • State of Colorado Asbestos Supervisor License
  • Lead Awareness
  • Fork Lift Class VII
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