DENVER, CO – JKS Industries, LLC (JKS) a Colorado based business, currently is participating in a mentor/prot?g? relationship with Gilmore Construction under the Small Business Enterprise and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (SBE/DBE) Mentor/Prot?g? Program. Gilmore Construction is mentoring JKS while they are working on the Eagle P3/RTD FasTracks Project. ?Through this program JKS now has the ability to increase our capacity, continue to develop a sustainable business, and embrace opportunities to bid on competitive solicitations,? states Jeffrey Knight, owner of JKS. The mentorship?s success is shown through the results. JKS has competitively bid on ten solicitations for asbestos abatement and demolition service projects and has been awarded six of the ten projects. ?We are excited about our growth and proud to report that all six projects were completed on schedule, on budget, and in accordance with the safety and documentation requirements of the DTP/ RTD Eagle P 3 FasTracks project.?

As a DBE/SBE business, JKS benefits from being part of a team that provides professional mentorship and guidance throughout every phase of the project. Teamed up with Gilmore Construction , they work towards completing the business development goals set for JKS at the beginning of the RTD FasTracks program. Bi-weekly meetings with Gilmore are based on monthly progress meetings with the DTP DBE/SBE liaisons to discuss and track progress and milestones in the program. ?Our liaisons Linda Wilson, DTP DBE/SBE Contract Compliance Officer; Connie Freeman, RTD DBE/SBE Project Manager; and Johanna Medina from the Civil Rights Division have helped me to stay accountable and track our successes .The program has encouraged me to build relationships and forge partnerships in the community that will strengthen JKS for the future,? states Jeffery Knight, owner of JKS. ?The JKS team is privileged to be a part of the RTD FasTracks transit expansion that is building a better Colorado.?

The JKS management team has more than 40 years of extensive experience in the environmental remediation and demolition industries. JKS designs, manages, supervises, and self performs all projects with its own management, supervisory staff, and labor staff. Through development and implementation of their custom work plans and procedures, JKS is able to conduct site work within compliance of all regulatory requirements specific to your project. JKS offers clients a multitude of services including: self-performed asbestos abatement, lead-based paint abatement, mold remediation, soil remediation, select interior demolition, and structural demolition.

?JKS is dedicated to providing our services safely and with the highest level of quality and reliability. Our core values are safety, integrity, quality, and trust and they are front and center every day with every project. Our mission is to safely perform the most cost effective remediation and demolition services at the highest level of quality and in a timely manner,? replies Jeffrey when asked why they are the company to trust for environmental abatement and demolition services. For more information about JKS Industries, contact Jeff at

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